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About Houston Lashology Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions are the hottest trend in the beauty industry today. They've been enhanced, but no one will know! With the expertise and artistry of Lashology's lash stylists, no will ever know you've had your lash enhanced. The look is so natural, they'll think you were born with stunning lashes.  


At Houston Lashology, we use only the award-winning Xtreme Lashes®, the most popular eyelash extensions and the brand preferred by consumers, celebrities and the press worldwide. With our expert stylists, you can be assured that you are receiving service from the best-qualified, highly-trained and certified beauty professionals in the industry. All of our stylists have completed the stringent hands-on training certification through Xtreme Lashes®. Also, at Houston Lashology, we exclusively use and carry all products developed by Xtreme Lashes® from the lashes, the adhesives, tools as well as all of the specially formulated after-care products and cosmetics. 


The extensions are adhered one by one to each of your individual natural lashes. We use only the highest quality and longest-lasting surgical-grade line of adhesives. These lashes and adhesives were developed by Jo Mouselli, a registered nurse, Founder and President of Xtreme Lashes® along with chemists in an FDA facility. The primary ingredient in the Xtreme Lashes® adhesives is the same substance used for sutureless wound closure (closing wounds without the use of stitches).



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