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Houston Lashology is THE eyelash extension studio! 


The eyes are the windows to the soul. It's a cliche', but it’s true. What is your soul saying? More often than not, it's saying, “I’m tired and I could really use some lashes!”

Whatever your beauty concern - small or deep-set eyes, dark shadows, mono-lids, thin, or short eyelashes. We can help you create beautiful eyes, no matter what age, skin tone, eye color, or eye shape. We will ensure a fun and empowering experience. If you've never worn eyelash extensions (plenty of you out there), a hint of lashes can make a world of difference.

If you are a novice with lash extensions and already have an everyday look, take some risks and experiment with a more extreme look with longer or even colored lashes. No matter what look you are going for, our superior quality product line and expert staff deliver the most natural-looking, gentle and non-irritating eyelash extensions in the industry.

At Houston Lashology, you can expect a very relaxing experience. You will be comfortably reclined on an esthetic bed with your eyes closed. Pads will be placed under your eyes, covering your bottom lashes. This is to ensure you won't have damage/adhering to your lower lashes. The pads are specially formulated to enrich and moisturize your undereye skin. The procedure is non-invasive, painless, and so relaxing that clients typically fall asleep during the process and awaken to lush, beautiful lashes!

The quality provided to our clients is our top priority. Your extensions will never be applied in a rushed or hurried manner. We believe in the quality provided to our clients, not the quantity of clients. Our stylists will perform a thorough preparation and cleansing of your natural lashes, which is an important part of your preparation and usually takes about 15 minutes. This is a necessary step to ensure the "life" of your applied lashes. Our stylists are trained in the art of assessing your eye shape, which includes the amount and thickness of your natural lashes. With this, they are able to determine the length, thickness and number of extensions needed to create the most natural look. At Houston Lashology, we also offer different colored lashes and special designs for the holidays, special occasions, etc. 



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